Georgia Rose Thompson

Georgia Rose Thompson made the move from London to Los Angeles two and a half years ago to pursue her career in acting. She comes from a dance background and loves to incorporate that in her work whenever possible. She is grateful for the opportunity to be here, doing what she loves, on a journey that is limitless.

I am (use a max. of 3 words to describe yourself)… awkward, determined, perfectionist 

My last acting gig taught me… that it’s not about trying to make big moves all at once, but filling every moment with risk and passion.

Proudest performance moment… One of my proudest performance moments was actually performing a dance piece as a member of 'Quicksilver', which is the Rambert Dance Company, Youth Company. the piece was called 'The disappearance of Elsie May' and it was an abstract piece in awareness of dementia and in memory of the grandmother of our choreographer. Not only did the piece have such a significant meaning and message, but our music was also chosen by Akram Khan, which was super exciting!

Most embarrassing audition… This would probably be an audition for a kids show, that I wasn't aware was for a major network until my friend texted me and said he saw my name on the sign in sheet. So of course this made me nervous, and it didn't help that we had to sing and my throat was as dry as anything, but i thought it’s fine I’ll go in, do the scene and that will calm me down and then I can sing. Nope, I had to sing first which didn’t go too well. Then it all just went down hill from there, it felt like I paused for 10 minutes in the middle of the scene just staring into the camera and sweating like a pig. It probably wasn't that bad, but it seems to get worse each time I recall the story.

Movie I can’t stop talking about... I recently watched "Moonlight” based on the play “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue” adapted by Barry Jenkins about the struggle of growing up black and gay in 1980's Miami. And although it wasn’t packed with dialogue, it was completely filled and really landed on the audience from what I experienced and witnessed in the talk back session.

Top three Netflix / Amazon shows in my queue… These are shows that I am mostly waiting for the new seasons to come out but they are: Sherlock obviously!, Luther and Underground.

Currently reading… 

Car karaoke tune... would have to be Sunshine Anderson's "Heard It All Before."

Would switch careers with… Angelina Jolie, because I mean, it’s Angelina Jolie.

The moment I knew I wanted to be an actor... I actually wanted to be a dancer all my life, but acting kind of was a secondary thing that came along with that. But a few years back I was in a BBC1 pilot and managed to work with some amazing people and it kind of just hit a switch for me.

If I weren't an actor, I'd be... maybe a lawyer, I always liked debate club and my friends always say I hate to be wrong so that may be a possibility.

Dying to work with... Idris Elba, I may have a tiny crush on him and also I just love his work and feel like we come from similar background.

Get mistaken for… I don’t really get mistaken for anyone, I guess I’m a bit of a concoction of a mix. 

Was born to play... I would probably have to wait a few years but I would love to play Cleopatra, she so full of emotion and changes instantaneously, I think this would be really demanding, but amazing. 

Learn lines by... just reading them over and over, pretty basic but it works for me.

Get into character by... I first try and draw similarities in terms of emotional traits between myself and the character, and then will look into the lifestyle and background of the character and see how that will inform a physicality etc.

Acting is… telling a story, be that of a person, an emotion, or theme. I feel like as an actor your primary goal is to tell the story not just of your character, but the overall intended message. 

Special skill I wouldn't put on my resume… I can put my whole fist in my mouth... gross I know!

Secret I want everyone to know… 

Actor crush... Idris Elba

Sign… Aquarius

If I were a color, I'd be… green, just because it’s my favourite color.

Fave travel destination…

LA spot that inspires or relaxes me…

The best advice I ever got… Time moves forward, so should your thoughts.

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