Peng Peng Lee

Peng Peng Lee was the 2012 London Olympic Team Captain and scored two perfect 10's to help UCLA clinch the 2018 NCAA National Championship Title! Gymnastics has been an unforgettable journey and taught her to continue reaching after new endeavors and dreams. She is currently a YouTuber and aspiring actress / host.

I am (use a max. of 3 words to describe yourself)… vibrant, energetic and bright

Gymnastics is… my playground. It has shaped my character and taught me to be disciplined. Gymnastics has allowed me to be free and learn how to work hard to go after my dreams. 

My last gig taught me… Being on the UCLA gymnastics team has taught me how to be a leader, team player and the importance of living in the moment.

Proudest performance moment… My two perfect 10 routines at the 2018 NCAA National Championships. They were the two events I competed (uneven bars and balance beam) and my perfect 10 balance beam routine clinched UCLA the 2018 National Championship Title.

Most embarrassing competition… was when I was 13 and I got boo’d by over 12,000 people and international television. I let it get to me and fell off the balance beam 3 times.

Most challenging gig... was being a member of the UCLA gymnastics team while I was injured. I had redshirted my first two years at UCLA and was unable to compete, however, I still had to learn how to contribute in other ways to help my team be the best that they could be.

Favorite event… is bars and beam, I love to see how high I could get on my release skills and I loved performing through my dance on beam. 

Pre-performance ritual… I always listen to music to get myself into a great mental state. 

Stay in shape by… My key components to saying in shape are eating and fueling my body with the nutrients it needs to recover and build strength. Also making sure my body is hydrated in order to excrete all the toxins. 

The moment I knew I wanted to be a gymnast... I knew I wanted to commit to being a gymnast when I started competing for the first time when I was 8 years old. I was 10 years old when I dreamt of going to the Olympics and switched to an elite gymnastics program in order to pursue that dream. 

Song that moves me… Bright - Kehlani

Favorite gymnastics event to watch… bars and floor

Broadway show… Lion King and Mamma Mia

Person who shaped my perspective… My parents. They have showed me that life is more than just sports and being able to stay well rounded growing up, has made my gymnastics freer and more enjoyable.

Dying to work with… Disney, Adidas and makeup companies

Currently reading… Influencer by Brittany Hennessy

Special skill I wouldn't put on my resume… I can solve a Rubik’s Cube.

If I weren't a gymnast, I'd be… a tennis player or golfer.

Disney character that best represents me… This is tough, I would say maybe a mix of Mulan in the way she can roll with the guys but at the same time I’m also like Rapunzel, adventurous and vocal.

Actor crush… Channing Tatum

Sign… Cancer

If I were a color, I'd be… a sparkle, even though that’s not a color but a diamond in the light reflects multiple colors and I feel that I live my life by not being held down to one definer.  

Hotel alias… Candice 

LA spot that inspires or relaxes me… El Matador State Beach

The best advice I ever got… There has been a lot of great advice I have received throughout my life but the main one that has stuck was when I got asked the question: would you rather be liked or respected. That just represented me not being afraid to be honest in a respectful way to lead the team to our main goal.

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