Kane Reynolds

Kane Reynolds is from Portland, Oregon. He started off making YouTube videos in high school and has worked awesome jobs like in entertainment Laser-tag, birthday party hosting and even making chocolate bars at a candy store. He’s done a lot of Musical Theatre since High School and has just recently graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. Now he’s ready to pursue acting in film and television.

I am (use a max. of 3 words to describe yourself)… Motivated, Imaginative, and a Dreamer

My last acting gig taught me… it’s really okay to be myself. Outside of the character and in. Every character I was meant to play has a little bit of me in it. That’s what I’ll be cast upon.

Proudest performance moment… from a stage performance of Dog Sees God by Bert V. Royal. I was cast as CB and on performance night, in the story I get to read a letter from CS. A moving emotional end note for anybody who hasn’t read or seen the play. And just the feeling of the audience of that night after closing that scene was the proudest I’ve been of my acting so far.

Most embarrassing audition… So when I was auditioning for my college program. We were outside the hotel room audition space, 10 minutes after my time to be called. My mom, lovely as she is, straight up walks into the room while the teacher was still auditioning another girl. That girl happened to be my classmate 2 years later and brought it up because she thought she recognized me somewhere before…

Most challenging part… I’m currently in a production of the Marriage of Bette and Boo by Christopher Durang for a college. Playing a character that is aged 30 to 60 years above me is definitely a challenge. And he’s also a result of the 50’s salesman lifestyle. So it’s a little hard to identify with. It’s a lot of fun to step out of my comfort zone though and makes acting in roles I can identify with a whole lot easier.

The moment I knew I wanted to be an actor... In my drama class (how cliche) my freshman year. I did a scene for that class from Lend Me A Tenor which is my favorite play. Also every time I see a Marvel superhero movie I’m like, I want to do that.

If I weren't an actor, I'd be... probably be a geneticist. I did love biology and science in high school. But I just loved the theatre more.

Dying to work with... James Gunn. I love love love the Guardians movies. Dan Harmon, and Joss Whedon. Those two direct T.V. shows I absolutely adore. I’d also love to work with Edgar Wright and Christopher Nolan. Any established screen actor would be pretty unreal for me to act with. I don’t really know who is top priority, there is so much good acting out there.

Was born to play... you know that kid who never gets the girl. But you really want him to. Then I dish out some earned sarcasm.

Learn lines by... saying them until the words feel comfortable in my mouth. Then I memorize keywords in cues. So I don’t memorize the other’s lines giving me a need to listen. It kind of happens naturally when I do it this way.

Get into character by... PLAYLISTS. THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC OUT THERE! Make a playlist after researching the time period and tone. Then pick music your character listens to, and listening to it to prep. Different songs for different tones/moods or scenes. It really does a lot for me.

Acting is… “Living, in imaginary circumstances.” A quote I hear from a lot of instructors that really holds true to me because Theatre and FIlm is both imaginary and creative but also real and moving.

Special skill I wouldn't put on my resume… Making people laugh without doing anything… How do you sell that?

Movie I can’t stop talking about... the new “IT.” I know it’s it or miss depending on how much of a King fan you are or of the classic T.V. specials but man, those kids just rock it in this movie, I thought it was genuinely scary. I’ve literally been talking about it for weeks.

Top three Netflix / Amazon shows in my queue… I really liked “Gypsy” which was just a small one season show on Netflix. “Jessica Jones” was amazing and fueled my comic love with my Noire detective love. And “Stranger Things!”

Currently reading… Ready Player One. It’s my brother’s (who is big into design for VR games) favorite book.

Car karaoke tune... I’ve been singing songs like Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones and Under Pressure - Queen when I’m with my non musical theatre friends. Otherwise I’m singing songs from Dear Evan Hansen and Spring Awakening.

Star Wars character that best represents me... I’ve got to say Luke Skywalker, just because I feel like I’m just starting my journey. I’m fresh out of college, trying to break into the film industry! And I’m gonna do it just like Luke becomes a Jedi.

If they made a movie about my life, I’d be played by… A young Leonardo DiCaprio or Michael Cera depending on the tone of the film.

Actor crush... Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Have you seen 10 Cloverfield Lane?

Sign… Libra!

If I were a color, I'd be… a Goldenrod or Sunflower Yellow

Hotel alias… Chuck B.

LA spot that inspires or relaxes me… My rooftop. View of the hollywood hills is so inspiring and relaxing.

The best advice I ever got… Yes you have influence over your life. You have to make things happen and if you fail you’re allowed to move on to the next thing. It’s okay to fail, you’re going to do it a lot in your life. Doesn’t mean you should give up.

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