Logan Hunt

Logan Hunt had a very All-American upbringing: grew up in a small mountain town, where summers were spent swimming in lakes, enjoying BBQs, and playing football, while winters were reserved for hitting the slopes and making snowmen. As much as he loves adventures and the outdoors, they are surpassed by his love for film and his passion for performing. He is an upcoming actor in Los Angeles, and a very competitive one at that.

I am (use a max. of 3 words to describe yourself)… strong, resilient, and optimistic.

My last acting gig taught me… Take your time. There can be so much said without having to say anything.

Proudest performance moment… Back when I was training in a Meisner conservatory, there was an improv exercise between me and my scene partner, where I had to propose. When she said no, I was crushed. Just absolutely crushed. And then tears welled up in my eyes. This was the first time I cried in front of a crowd, in public. I will always remember that moment. 

Most embarrassing audition… I had quite a few, but one was at the very beginning of my career, when I first moved out to Los Angeles. I had no training, but wanted to start auditioning and book work. I used an online casting site (I forget which one) and got my first audition, for a short film or indie feature I think. I walked in...and gave the worst performance of my life. I wasn't off-book, my face was glued to the sides, which were shaking in my hands, and sweat was dripping down my face. I was so embarrassed. But it made me realize the importance of training and not just being ready, but being your best. 

Most challenging part… I did a student film for Cal State Northridge, and it was medieval fantasy with angels and demons. On a student film budget. And written as a serious drama. Quite challenging to be "in it" when you felt so cheesy, like nacho cheesy.

The moment I knew I wanted to be an actor... wasn't exactly a moment, but instead a span in my childhood where I always had this desire to act. When most kids said they wanted to be a firefighter or astronaut, I wanted to be an actor. This manifested from the love my brother and I had in watching film, which was our favorite pastime. But I always knew.

If I weren't an actor, I'd be... well, I did study engineering, so I guess...a superhero. 

Dying to work with... Matthew McConaughey, Michael Fassbender, Chris Pratt, Kevin Spacey, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise (been a fan since I was a kid), Natalie Portman, and Jessica Chastain. Also the whole cast of Parks & Rec, they're just downright hilarious. 

Was born to play... the next Batman, or Terry McGinnis, who is the younger Batman in the future in the series Batman Beyond. 

Learn lines by... Repeatedly saying them out loud by rote, eventually saying them without having to look at the script. Then I figure out the actions, play them into the script, and by then I have the lines down completely. 

Get into character by... Imagining how I would be, or say, or do, if I was this person, with this life, in this situation. Imagination is powerful. 

Acting is… truth through imagination.

Special skill I wouldn't put on my resume… I can bounce my pecks. I was really proud of this when I was a kid. It's not so cool now.

Movie I can’t stop talking about... Gladiator. So many good quotes from that movie.

Top three Netflix / Amazon shows in my queue… House of Cards; Narcos; The Man in the High Castle.

Currently reading… Mozart, el niño genio. It's a child's Spanish book. I'm learning Spanish at the moment.

Car karaoke tune... Closer by The Chainsmokers

Star Wars character that best represents me... Chewbacca. He's so misunderstood.

If they made a movie about my life, I’d be played by… Logan Paul. He looks just like me, but with curly blonde hair, and more goofier and animated.

Actor crush... girl crush, Keira Knightly; bro crush, Chris Pratt.

Sign… pre-Zodiac shift, Gemini. Post-shift, Taurus.

If I were a color, I'd be… Blue, but that's also my favorite color. 

Hotel alias… Maximus Meridius

LA spot that inspires or relaxes me… the paved bike path along the beach in Santa Monica. My favorite place to run.

The best advice I ever got… Hard work always pays off.  

You can find me at… www.imdb.me/loganhunt | ig: @theloganhunt