Sam Locklin

Born and raised in New Jersey, Sam Locklin never aspired to be an actor. He moved to LA to pursue screenwriting, but as he focused more on developing his characters, he found he wanted to dig deeper. Now, he finds satisfaction in bringing characters to life.

I am (use a max. of 3 words to describe yourself)… Passionate   Patient   Daring

My last acting gig taught me… Having written several screenplays in college, I used to be strict about honoring every last word of dialogue. This time around, the director only gave us a general idea of how he wanted the scene to go, and let us improvise. It was both freeing and thrilling to unleash what was on my mind, and further encouraged me to trust my instincts when approaching future work.

Proudest performance moment… It was during my current acting class. After initially struggling to connect to the material, I tried out several different methods before settling on one that truly helped me dissolve into the scene. My instructor is definitely not one to hand out compliments, which made his positive notes all the more meaningful.

Most embarrassing audition… It was for a commercial. I simply had to improvise dialogue about buying a movie ticket, then lift the fake ticket from a table and walk off. The ticket somehow got stuck on the edge of the table, and it took a few tries to pry it away. The associate working the camera asked, “Are you okay?” I wanted to say, “I’m fine... that table isn’t.”

Most challenging part… My most challenging role was portraying someone who really looked up to his older brother, as I’m an only child. I substituted another role model in my mind to fairly good effect, but in my heart, it wasn’t the same. Hopefully I’ll struggle less with such roles as I hone my skills.

The moment I knew I wanted to be an actor... In college, my friends enjoyed playing pranks on one another. After one of them told me some terrible (but fake) news, my reaction was speechless. When he cracked up and said, “Look at your face!”, it made me realize how entertaining I could be just by reacting naturally to extreme situations. I didn’t have this revelation until years later, of course -- in that moment, I just wanted to prank him back.

If I weren't an actor, I'd be... The most intimidating police officer, rocking aviators all day long. I’d also be sure to hand out tickets with punchlines like, “Thanks for playing the lottery. Sorry this one’s not a winner.”

Dying to work with... Mahershala Ali. Every performance I’ve seen of his has made me think, “Damn, what are some ways I can act as well as him?” Fortunately, he’s been kind enough to share part of his process in interviews.

Was born to play... A protagonist with so many flaws, he almost resembles a villain, but who you can’t help but love.

Learn lines by... I like to be in motion, walking around and using a range of tones and rhythms for each line so I don’t get stuck on one interpretation.

Get into character by... First, I think of what I find appealing about the character to help draw me into their world. Then, I wonder about their fears and intentions -- not just within the scene, but in their life overall. Creating moments outside the text has been instrumental in helping me sink in.

Acting is… A way to dive into mindsets you formerly shied away from, and being free to unleash emotions you’ve bottled up without fear of any consequences.

Special skill I wouldn't put on my resume… Getting people to stop talking in movie theaters. Cold glares go a long way.

Movie I can’t stop talking about... Vanilla Sky. It isn’t Tom Cruise’s best film at all, but it is a visual and auditory feast.

Top three Netflix / Amazon shows in my queue… Transparent   Stranger Things   Mozart in the Jungle

Currently reading… “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami

Car karaoke tune... “Keep Ya Head Up” by 2Pac

Star Wars character that best represents me... Darth Vader

If they made a movie about my life, I’d be played by… Dave Franco

Actor crush... Hailee Steinfeld. Damn, she’s growing up fast!

Sign… Leo

If I were a color, I'd be… Red. It doesn’t mean I’m angry; it just means I care.

Fave travel destination… Maui, Hawaii

LA spot that inspires or relaxes me… The sundeck of my apartment complex in Los Feliz. It’s funny how you could see so many different parts of Los Angeles from just one spot.

The best advice I ever got… When filming, the last thing on your mind should be how it will look on screen.

You can find me at… Almond Talent  |