Francisca Lozano

Francisca Lozano is a Mexican actress who has lived in 8 countries and 9 cities. Afters starting her acting training in Spain, she did a Drama Foundation Course in association with The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in England, and she recently graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. After her first year at The American Academy, she landed the lead role in her first feature film called Romina, in theatres soon.

I am (use a max. of 3 words to describe yourself)… Crazy, Dramatic and Kind

Acting is... Fun, exciting, difficult and an amazing experience.

My last gig taught me... that I have to double my dose of Echinacea (natural supplement that supports your immune system) for shoots to avoid getting sick.

Proudest performance moment... I have had many of those little magical moments when you even forget you're an actor and that you're acting. It feels so good and I'm proud every time that happens.

Most embarrassing audition... was when I had to dance seductively to Reggaeton music for a cookie commercial. Definitely not my thing. I thought the dance style was contemporary...

Most challenging part... was to play a psychopath killer in my first feature film, which was my first professional acting job. We had to stay 2 weeks straight in the middle of the woods with no phone or Wi-Fi signal. Not to mention I had multiple nude scenes and I had to swim in an extremely cold lake. But nevertheless, it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

The moment I knew I wanted to be an actor... was when I graduated high school and my mother kept telling everyone I wanted to be an actress because I was still insecure about my decision to tell people about it.

Dying to work with... Sofia Coppola for her next period time film.

Was born to play... Juliet from Romeo and Juliet.

Learn lines by... repeating them differently while doing my daily activities.

Get into character by... physicalization and concentrating on the circumstances.

Special skill I wouldn't put on my resume… I can crack almost every joint of my body and I can clasp my eyelashes between my eyelids...

Movie I can’t stop talking about... is Romeo and Juliet by Franco Zeffirelli. In my opinion, it is the best Shakespeare performance ever done, and one of the best performances ever from both lead actors. It's mind blowing to me how their performances are so intense, natural and truthful while at the same time using such poetic and enhanced language.

Top three Netflix / Amazon shows in my queue… Eyes Wide Shut, Boyhood and Black Mirror (I'm more into films than TV series).

Currently reading… a few scripts of upcoming short films I'm doing? Does that count?

Car karaoke tune... Despacito, even if I'm not proud of it...

If I weren't an actor, I'd be... a dancer or a singer or an ice skater or a rhythmic gymnast. But excluding artistic professions, I'd be a veterinary nurse and I would take care of cute animals like baby sloths.

Stranger Things character that best represents me… the mother of the child who gets lost according to my boyfriend, because I'm very dramatic. I've never watched that show... I know, I'm not from this world, right?

If they made a movie about my life, I’d be played by… a young Olivia Hussey

Actor crush... Gael García or Eddie Redmayne

Sign… Aquarius

If I were a color, I'd be… white, a little of everything.

Hotel alias… Juliet Capulet

LA spot that inspires or relaxes me… my dance or yoga studio. Whenever I go to those places, I feel stronger and more motivated.

The best advice I ever got… "(...) nunca se pone más oscuro que cuando va a amanecer". It's actually a quote from Isaac Felipe Azofeifa (I just researched it) that gave me a lot of hope in my darkest moments and has had a great impact on me. If I try to translate it, it would be something like this: The darkest moment is when the sunrise begins, or something like that.

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