Kenny Copeland Jr.

Kenny Copeland Jr. has been making his way through the entertainment industry over the last few years working with Academy Award nominee Gary Sinise, director Judd Apatow, as well as performing in eight commercials and being critically reviewed by "Life in LA" for his stage play performance as Sebastian in The Little Mermaid. A Regional slam poetry champion with a love for writing, he is currently working on a web-series showcasing storytelling through poems called Poetic Letters.

I am (use a max. of 3 words to describe yourself)… Creative, Adventurous, Loving

My last acting gig taught me… Teamwork is key, and professionalism is everything. When everyone is passionate about the project and doing great work, the product can be tremendous. Thus, making sure I do my part of coming open, on time, and ready to create among a team of professionals takes our work to the next level.

Proudest performance moment… My proudest performance thus far was acting alongside Russel Hornsby on a show for Freeform. In one of the episodes I was able to explore a range of acting emotions that included sheer terror, deep sadness, tears, pain and joy. It was also an experience where I was given a lot of wonderful advice on how to utilize the camera when performing in close-ups.

Most embarrassing audition… My most embarrassing audition was for a Football commercial that I went out for when I was younger, one of my first auditions… the instruction was to catch a football… that’s it. I caught that football and ran off camera as if I was avoiding tackled. The casting director thanked me and I left, later realizing that I had done something way different than what was needed.

Most challenging part… The preparation, I can prepare for hours on end, rehearsing, getting into character, running lines. At some point you have to set it down and let the chips fall.

The moment I knew I wanted to be an actor... When I was a kid, I actually had this fantasy of going into the television and hanging out with the people inside. When I unfortunately found out that wasn’t possible, I learned the next best thing was something called acting, which blended the fun of make believing with your friends with the joy of making people happy through your creativity. Thus, I was sold. 

If I weren't an actor, I'd be... Definitely an Airforce pilot, I love planes and hope to get my pilot’s license one day. 

Dying to work with... Ava Duvernay, her work is consistently impressive with stories that touch on the black experience. Spending time with her I’m sure would lead to an amazing product with more than a few awesome conservations while filming. I certainly respect her work and what she’s accomplished in her career.

Was born to play... You know, I always wanted to be the first black Aladdin, Disney’s Aladdin! I empathized with his story; a young man with hopes of a better life who takes nothing but his positive attitude and creative spirit to not only make his life better but the world around him. That’s an amazing story and character that I would love to bring to life.

Learn lines by... I typically learn my lines multiple ways such as sheer repetition, running it with a partner, recording the opposite actor’s lines on my phone then playing it back but saying mine in between, as well as by the more abstract. For instance, I don’t just learn the lines, I envision the world and the intent. If the line coming up is about going to a restaurant, I’ll imagine the restaurant, what it looks like, why I want to go… I’ll feel the lines while I say them which helps with memorization.

Get into character by... Every character is the better or worse part of who we naturally are. Thus, I’ll see where me and the character meet, how I can relate to the character via people I know, imagine all facets of who that person is and why they behave the way they do then begin to craft them in terms of voice, movement, motivation. With this homework, the character naturally begins to take shape.

Acting is… The greatest problem I would never want to go away haha! It is challenging and rewarding at the same time. It’s love, given to the performer, given back to an audience.

Special skill I wouldn't put on my resume… So, I can spit pretty far…

Movie I can’t stop talking about... Back to the Future, one of the most underrated movies. The way the storyline connects so perfectly through all movies is superb. It’s one of those films you can watch a thousand times and always find something new each time that relates back another part of the film series. I love it.

Top three Netflix / Amazon shows in my queue… The Get Down, The Crown, Luke Cage

Currently reading… I just finished up a book called “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist” recommended by a friend. I love the whole spiritual enlightenment thing so it has been a very interesting perspective on faith and science. 

Car karaoke tune... ANYTHING from the musical Hamilton, just choose a track and I’ll be ready!

Star Wars character that best represents me... Han Solo, in the way that he is sort of tough and gritty and gets the job done. But, at the same time really benefits from the relationships around him. That’s pretty accurate of me.

If they made a movie about my life, I’d be played by… Derek Luke, he’s worked with Denzel Washington and is just a phenomenal actor.

Actor crush... I am not monogamous unfortunately when it comes to my crushes… I would love to meet Stacey Dash, Halle Berry, Tina Fey, or Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer especially, beautiful and talented!

Sign… Aries, but I don’t really follow the signs. 

If I were a color, I'd be… Purple, my favorite color, the color of royalty, color of the Lakers, and the color of the best jelly, that’s the color for me.

Fave travel destination… I’ve had the pleasure of going to the Bahamas twice and really enjoy it over there, although I dream of going to a small town with beautiful fall weather. I grew up on the west coast, our seasons aren’t as dynamic as other places though I do enjoy the sunshine.

LA spot that inspires or relaxes me… Aroma café has always been a cool little getaway, the neighborhoods surrounding the café make a really nice walk to help one relax.

The best advice I ever got… What’s meant for you is for you and that God is ultimately in control. I’m Christian and love God so the latter has always been inspiring.

You can find me at… On my website: or on Twitter @kennycopelandjr