Katelyn Pippy

Katelyn Pippy is a stage and screen actress best known for her work as a series regular on the Lifetime series "Army Wives." After appearing on the show, she attended Cornell University, where she also played Division 1 Ice Hockey, and has since graduated and moved back to LA to act full-time.

I am (use a max. of 3 words to describe yourself)… tall, sarcastic, competitive.

My last acting gig taught me… grace.

Proudest performance moment… When I was 12 I did a Stephen Schwartz Off-Broadway show called "Captain Louie" and during the audition process I sang my audition song in front of him which at the time happened to be "The Wizard and I."  It could've gone terribly wrong but luckily it didn't, and singing a song I loved in front of the person who wrote it meant the world to me.

Most embarrassing audition… I recently was told by a casting director that I have a great manly voice.  I also remember once when I was 14 I had a producers session for an episode of Law and Order SVU where I was supposed to be a child prostitute, and I'd killed the big crying scene in the initial read and callback, but got to the producers session and just absolutely tanked. Ya win some ya lose some.

Movie I can’t stop talking about... so many, I see almost everything that comes out (there's a separate item in my budget for movie tickets)...but I just saw the new Magnificent 7 and then watched the original and loved them so I'm on a westerns kick right now. 

Top three Netflix / Amazon shows in my queue… Ali Wong's comedy special "Baby Cobra" is everything. Also Bojack Horseman, and I'm excited to start Marvel's Luke Cage.

Currently reading… audiobook: Dance with Death, a Pendergast novel (my dad and I share an audible account and read SciFi books together and then talk about them), actual physical book: Amy Schumer: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.

Car karaoke tune... Hamilton Cast album...every word...to the non-amusement of my significant other.

Would switch careers with… COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY! (But JLaw obviously).

The moment I knew I wanted to be an actor... I was 7 and had my own song in the school play and we were in the school's gym and I remember getting up and doing the song and sitting down knowing everything had changed. 

If I weren't an actor, I'd be... an interior designer.

Dying to work with... the Duplass brothers, Kate McKinnon, Meryl Streep.

Get mistaken for… I don't often get mistaken for somebody else because my face is an odd combination of ethnicities but I've gotten JLaw a handful of times (think it has to do with having a deeper voice), and also Jennifer Garner.

Was born to play... a snarky heroine (Deadpool but a girl?), Lady M in the Scottish play.

Learn lines by... I usually just read a scene aloud a couple times and am good to go. During Army Wives I used to memorize my lines on set during the camera rehearsal (a lazy habit that I do not recommend as a one stop shop method).

Get into character by... I think the phrase "get into character" is funny because I once had an acting teacher mock me when I said that's what I was doing by miming pulling on invisible pants and then saying "awesome I'm in character now!" So I tend to stray from the phrase, but when developing a new character I like to do a lot of background research and journal as them and make specific decisions about who I am and what I want, and then when the time comes to do the scene or show I let all that go, trust that it's there in my mind because I've done the work, and just play.

Acting is… storytelling. (And a ton of hard work...and a lot of icky but necessary self-promotion).

Special skill I wouldn't put on my resume… I can gleek (google it)...it's basically useless but for the fact that I do a great impression of that dinosaur from Jurassic park that has the fans on its neck and spits a paralyzingly agent at its victims.

Secret I want everyone to know… wouldn't be a very good secret if I told the internet, now would it?

Actor crush... my boyfriend, Zubin Asaria.

Sign… will always be an Aries, leave me alone NASA.

If I were a color, I'd be… blood red.

Fave travel destination… tough, but I love Berlin and anytime I get to make it back to New York City. On a plane headed to Seattle right now so maybe I'll change my answer! 

LA spot that inspires or relaxes me… inspiration: going to see new movies at the Arclight, relaxation: I've recently taken up bouldering so I have a membership to rock climbing gyms throughout the city, it's my favorite way to tune out the LA noise.

The best advice I ever got… 1) get a great education -my parents, 2) nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent -Eleanor Roosevelt, 3) between your comfort zone and your miracle zone is a battle zone -a guy in my acting class at AMAW (loved this). 

You can find me at… Instagram: @pipstagrram  |  Twitter: @PippleTassels  |  Facebook: Katelyn Pippy  |  managed by Framework Entertainment (310) 858-0333