“The garage26 team has a unique ability to capture every actor’s essence, and their work never feels generic. By far the best headshots in Los Angeles.”

— Christian Taylor, producer (HICK, MEASURE OF A MAN)


A great headshot is so much more than just a pretty photo. Through our personalized approach, our team specializes in helping you create headshots, portraits and editorials that capture your essence.

“What makes you different or weird, that’s your strength.” - Meryl Streep

Each session is catered to you and includes an in-depth consultation with a focus on identifying your unique quality - that certain something that makes you stand out in the marketplace and helps establish your career as a working actor. Our artist-friendly West Hollywood studio provides the perfect environment for a relaxed and fun headshot session that assures you are enough.

Partial client list: Paul Calderón (21 Grams, Bosch, Fear the Walking Dead), Joshua LeBar (Mad Men, Entourage), Joe Hursley (Resident Evil: Extinction, Capital One, At&t), Hayden Tweedie (Law & Order: SVU), Britney Ortiz (Atypical), Sydney Endicott (Parks & Recreation, “Blame Paradise” by The Dear Hunter) & Devan Schoelen (“Supplies” by Justin Timberlake).

“Shortly after I received my headshots I got representation with Aqua Talent theatrically and with Daniel Hoff Agency commercially.”

— Christie Black


  • in-person or phone consultation (your choice)

  • 5 looks

  • custom portraits & editorials

  • full high resolution color graded set

  • retouching is $45 per photo

Payment Plan

Schedule your shoot at least 1 month in advance and pay it off weekly.

Referral Program

For each person you refer to us, earn a 5% discount. Just tell your friends to include your name when booking their shoot. Discounts are unlimited and never expire.

Returning Clients

We love to see your gorgeous face again and again! Returning clients receive 15% off.


WOMEN - $150 - 2 styling changes, $25 for each additional change

MEN - $100 - 2 styling changes, $25 for each additional change

Hair & makeup is optional, however we highly recommend using one of our artists as photography makeup is very specific. If you decide to do your own or get yours done outside of the studio, please make sure it is photo-friendly and looks like you.

“The only problem now is which of these awesome shots to use!”

— Brahm Vaccarella (NOT FADE AWAY)


All sessions include an in-person or phone consultation (your choice!), which is scheduled when you book your shoot. This covers wardrobe changes and allows us to learn more about your work and goals while helping you improve your marketing strategy.


We shoot both in studio and outdoors at our convenient West Hollywood location.


Your complete high resolution session is uploaded within 5 days from your session and is accessible via a downloadable link, which can be forwarded to your reps.

BOOKING & Cancellation Policy

We cannot confirm a shoot or schedule a consultation without payment and can only hold your date for 24 hours after inquiry. Fees are non-refundable. Photo shoots may only be rescheduled once with 72 hours notice.

“Working with Tajna at garage26 was a dream. Before we ever met she called me and made a real effort to get to know me as a person and an artist so that we could be prepared and make use of our time and the different looks on the day of the shoot.”

— Katelyn Pippy (ARMY WIVES)



“Tajna was amazing. She had great energy and made me feel like I could really have fun during the shoot. The quality of the photos was top notch, and for half the price of others in the industry. Shoot with her for her combination of great vibes and high quality photos! Fully recommended.”


“I always recommend garage26 to managers, agents, and friends in the industry. They go out of their way to make a personal connection with each actor and understand what makes them special. The garage26 team has a unique ability to capture every actor’s essence, and their work never feels generic. By far the best headshots in Los Angeles.”

— Christian Taylor (producer) - Taylor Lane Productions (HICK, MEASURE OF A MAN)

“Working with Tajna at garage26 was a dream. Before we ever met she called me and made a real effort to get to know me as a person and an artist so that we could be prepared and make use of our time and the different looks on the day of the shoot. Once that day came she provided an incredible hair and makeup person for a reasonable cost and they both really listened to my preferences and helped me achieve the look I was going for. More than that I had a great time and the whole day felt like hanging out with friends, which shows in the pictures (which were promptly uploaded and sent to me via an easy to view dropbox link). The whole process was easy, efficient, and enjoyable. I’ll definitely be coming back to garage26 next time I need new headshots, for the great photos and the great atmosphere!”

— Katelyn Pippy (ARMY WIVES)

“Tajna makes the experience of taking new headshots one that is actually enjoyable! From our first conversation I immediately felt at ease that she was confident and capable to deliver the shots I needed. The joy of seeing someone enjoy what they are doing is infectious. She has a great energy that she brought to the shoot, calming nerves and lending her professionalism to get the best shots out of the moment.

As an artist herself, she knows what it takes to capture organic shots that feel effortless and powerful.

I hope to be able to get the opportunity to shoot again and again with her...she was a breath of fresh air! Thank you Tajna :)”


“Tajna is a headshot Guru!

Before I worked with the garage26 team, getting my headshots taken was always a terrible experience for me. I never felt comfortable in a photo shoot setting, and was always disappointed with the shots when I got them back. I just never felt as though anyone captured the essence of who I am, until I worked with Tajna and her team. I highly recommend shooting with garage26 if you want a fun experience and absolutely stunning headshots. Tajna takes the time to meet with you before the shoot to get a feel of who you are. She listens to the direction you would like to go and gives her input as well. I also highly recommend using hair and makeup as Roczane, the hair and makeup artist, was amazing to work with. Not only did she make me feel beautiful, but was always at the ready with a brush in hand to powder my shiny nose or smooth down any stray hair throughout the shoot. The whole process is a wonderful collaboration! Tajna and her team make the shoot fun and comfortable. When I got my shots back, I was in awe of how beautiful they were and am so pleased with how everything turned out. Tajna’s work as a headshot photographer is simply unparalleled!”

— Hayden Tweedie (Law and Order SVU)

“Tajna cares deeply about capturing the essence of the actor she shoots, and that’s why her theatrical headshots are so powerful. I felt completely at ease and supported by her, precisely because she takes such a personal approach to her work.

My headshot absolutely reflects the best version of me. I’m thrilled about that!

And grateful that I got to collaborate creatively with such a generous and wonderfully talented artist, and an amazing human being. Thank you, Tajna!”

— Chris Barry

“Tajna is a wonderful and creative photographer that I call the “Un” headshot photographer. She uses her creativity and people skills to connect with an actor to bring out the best in them for their headshots. I have referred a variety of clients to her and couldn’t be happier with her work.”

— Richard Kerner (Kerner Management Associates)

“Oh my GOD these are amazing Tajna. I’m being completely honest when I say I’ve never been happier with headshots.

I mean I am blown away. This means so much to me to finally have headshots I’m proud to look at instead of cringing lol. There are just so many incredible choices!”

— Logan Hunt

“I would highly recommend garage26. Tajna’s energy is so positive, warm, and contagious. She made me feel comfortable immediately and took time to get to know me before we shot. The team at garage26 made sure that each look captured who I am. Shortly after I received my headshots I got representation with Aqua Talent theatrically and with Daniel Hoff Agency commercially. I’m beyond happy with my headshots and I have a great experience to go with them.”

— Christie Black

“It was my first time getting headshots and I was nervous. Being so new to the business I hadn’t thought much about how people “see” me, or what “type” I am. Thinking that stuff is probably paralyzing to an actor. But Tajna made me chill out very quickly and just wanted to get to know me first. So, over tea and cookies, we talked about my career.

She cared about who I am and where I want to go. And when it came time to shoot, I never felt like I was posturing or trying to be anybody but myself.”


“I loved shooting with garage26 so much! I remember reading one of Audrey Hepburn’s memoirs, where she tells that she could not believe her own beauty after she had her first Hollywood makeover for Roman Holiday. And I felt the same way when I got the pictures! I have always hated and criticized my own appearance and of course I still do that, but whenever I look at these pictures I get a boost of confidence. And it’s not just because I look nice in them, no, I think …

… the photographer captured the way I see myself on the inside and how I wish people could see me.”

— Liana Giniatullina

“Shooting my last headshot session with Tajna was great! She’s efficient, easy-going, knows what works and what doesn’t, and has an ability to capture you at that sweet spot. We shot all outdoors with natural light which lent to rich, cinematic shots - such a nice change from my last photographer who only shot in a studio. I’m thrilled with how our session went and how the photos turned out. The only problem now is which of these awesome shots to use!”

— Brahm Vaccarella (NOT FADE AWAY)

“Tajna is the real deal.

Simply put, she’s one of the best photographers I’ve worked with in a long time.

Whether it’s her eye for framing and composition, or her ability to make the shooting process natural and fun, I can’t recommend Tajna enough. My shots were great, and I was able to utilize them for both theatrical and commercial purposes. I feel lucky to have worked with such a true artist, and I encourage others to do the same!”


“I LOVE TAJNA’s WORK!!!!! She’s a PRO!! She knows exactly what she’s doing, where I need to stand, the lighting, the adjustments needed and the looks/shots to use. You’ll never go wrong with her!! You’re amazing and thank you very much!!!!”

— Janine Tugonon (Miss Universe)

“It was a pleasure working with Tajna. She was professional and made me feel extremely comfortable in front of the lens. I love her approach and she comes from a very artistic point of view!”

— Levon Rector (TRUE BLOOD, Toyota, Ford, Delta)

“Ever since our collaboration on the cinematic theater project based on Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “Blood on the Cat’s Neck”, for which Tajna shot the actors’ portraits to create visually impressive collages of their characters (these proved incredibly successful in the marketing process), I have been recommending Tajna to all my actors and students for headshot sessions. This is based on two facts: Her eye is like a microscope to the actor’s soul and character, and her encouraging and inspirational professional and personal attitude helps actors reveal their deepest and most sincere side, which makes the casting directors’ and agents’ job much easier.”

— Kaca Celan, director and acting coach (Theater TAS)